Monday, January 31, 2011


So we are fast approaching the appt to find out the sexes!!!!!! We are so excited so we can get all the items planned and save, save, save and then buy, buy, buy!!!! We found the fabulous carseats we love and the stroller they snap into.... Can't wait to make that purchase!!!

The last week has been a bit rough. My sciatic nerve is aggravated so it hurts to move my right leg. After a 2 hour adventure at Wal-Mart I found out that my body just can't handle being up that long. So I came home put my feet up and haven't done much since. There is much more pain than I realized when it comes to growing 2 babies. I have also been suffering with some moderate depression. There are no drugs that are really safe to take while pregnant, so I will just have to manage it.


Gotta love maternity pants!!!
Every once in awhile I feel one of the babies move, it's super early so it's not very often and I have to be laying real still. I am hoping that as they get bigger the excitement will too and we can really start preparing for them to be here.

Monday, January 24, 2011

Trip to the docs 13w5d

So after a night of excruciating pain and a morning of more pain and then increased pelvic pressure I called the docs and they fit me in.

All is well in the cervix department. I am measuring almost 5cm closed with no funneling. Both babies look good and have great heartbeats.

I on the other hand am a little worse for wear. The pain is ligament pain and lingual pain that wraps around my pelvis and shoots down my thighs, through my hip joints and up the sides of my abdomen. Let me tell you how fun that is!!!! They told me take some tylenol and take it easy........Everything is being stretched at a rapid pace and my body is trying to accommodate(translation: suck it up and deal with it). This momma wants to cry and fast-forward to the due date.

I am happy all is well and that both babies look fabulous!!!! Time to put my feet up and relax and pray it gets better.

I know I look rough

13w5d Bare Belly!!!

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

13 weeks YAY!!!!!!!

According to my docs I am now in the second trimester!!!!! Adios first trimester!!!! I feel good most days. Feeling a lot of pressure but that's to be expected. Some days I think they are going to rip me apart since I am in so much pain......

My p17 shots have been approved and will start in 3 weeks to help calm the uterus and prevent contractions. The shots themselves are not so pleasant as they are constituted in castor oil. They made a world of difference with Addy so I am hoping they do the same for this pregnancy.

I am pretty much just waiting to get to 16 weeks so I can find out the sexes and get the critical weeks over with.

With an incompetent cervix starting at about 16 weeks, the cervix is watched very closely since drastic changes can occur in a matter of days. As the baby(s) gain weight that puts more pressure on my cervix and therefore I rely 100% on the TAC to hold everything closed. From 16-28 weeks we kind of hold our breath and pray for the best.

The biggest difference so far between the TAC(transabdominal cerclage) and the TVC(transvaginal cerclage) for me is this: at 14weeks with Addy after my cerclage placement my cervix measured 2.7cm and funneling(opening) with bedrest since 9 weeks. At 12 weeks with TWINS (uterus measuring 20 weeks) my cervix measures 4.2cm and completely closed with no bedrest. This is a HUGE difference!!!

Here's to more weeks with no BEDREST!!!!! YIPPEEEEE (I still take it easy though)

Thursday, January 13, 2011

12w1d Ultrasound(Highrisk) Appt.

The ultrasound today was Fabulous.

Baby A cooperated well and we got the needed measurements for the nuchal fold scan for down syndrome and Baby A tested negative for Down's and measured perfect for everything else. Heartbeat was 160 and measured 12w1d.

Baby B did not want to cooperate but after getting up and moving around we were able to get the measurements and Baby also tested negative for Down's. Heartbeat was 152 and measured 12w6d. 

Both babies were very active. A was actively kicking B's sac and We saw B reach down and gab their feet. They are so funny and you can see how one get's the other going. A is definitely the show-off and B likes looking right where the soundwaves are coming from. 

Cervix is measuring 4.2cm which is a good normal length.

Baby A's placenta is sitting on top of the internal opening of my cervix which means I need to take it easy. It should move up in the next few weeks and then I can breathe a little easier. The only problem this poses is that my placenta can start bleeding and that would be very bad. It's normal this early for it to be low so we are just keeping a close eye at this point and putting my feet up.

Weight: Well I am at -7 pounds gained and was informed today that for the babies to have the best chance at being full term I need to put on at 10-20 pounds in the next 8 weeks. Twins have a much healthier beginning if the mom can put on weight earlier in the pregnancy since the pregnancy is shorter. 

Next appt. Feb 10th. I start progesterone shots to keep contractions from starting and we will get to see the SEXES!!!!!!! We are so, so excited to see!!!! I will be finally posting the ultrasound pics later today!!!!

Baby B Side Body Profile

Baby A Side Body Profile
Baby B heartbeat

Baby A heartbeat

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Growing Pains.......

So here's a little insight on the difference between a singleton and multiple pregnancy.

With Gabriella and Addyson I was sore once in awhile and had those pesky round ligament pains every now and again.

Well, with twins it's so different. Every other day I go through the stretching(tearing) pains in my lower pelvis that radiate down my legs and around my back. After wondering if this was normal I asked my perinatologist. He calmly said "get used to being in pain" twins obviously take up more space and therefore your muscles have to learn to give much faster. It is exaggerated because this is my third pregnancy and my muscles are already so weak, but it's a reminder every other day that the babies are growing and all is well. 

With a TAC(transabdominal cerclage) things are a tiny bit different.Women's cervix's naturally shorten towards the end of a pregnancy to make room for growing baby. Well mine can not do that with a TAC (which is the point of it to begin with). This means I will carry them much higher and my uterus has to accommodate upwards since down is not an option. 

I am always open to talk about pregnancy complications and I am a full supporter of the TAC and the babies this special band has saved!!!! Remember it's only as effective as the doctor that places it. Experience is everything for it to be effective!!!

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

OB Appt...

Went for my regular 4 week check-up and all is well...I lost 2 pounds, so we are up to -7 pounds.

We got to see the babies on a portable ultrasound machine since its easier to get both heartbeats that way.
Baby A heartbeat 162, Baby B heartbeat 154...Both looked nice and comfortable and are getting so big.

Excited for Thurs. when I get the fancy ultrasound with the big screen TV for a monitor!!!!!!

Keep on Baking Babies!!!!!!

Sunday, January 9, 2011

11 weeks 3 days Belly Pic


I am growing a bit to the sides now....And my face remains swollen, but all in all I fell much better most days and I am getting used to the stretching pains that have become a part of everyday life........Keep on Growing!!!!!!

Friday, January 7, 2011

A Day of Shopping

Went to Olive Garden again........ it's the only thing that sounds good and I can eat a lot of :-)!!!!!

Went to the mall and got my belly wedge YAY!!!!! Got some new fabulous shirts and then hit up bath and body works who is having an amazing sell and got lots of fun new bath & body stuff.......

Belly is growing and growing and I am so excited for my appt. on the 13th!!!! Feeling better most days and the morning sickness has subsided for the most part....Some days are still rough (but it's better than everyday)

Still trying to wrap my head around the fact that come summer time I am going to have 2 newborns!!!!! Getting more and more excited as I see the babies progress and will keep everyone posted.......

Wednesday, January 5, 2011


1 more week left of the first trimester then I can breathe a little easier. I am feeling better most days. The morning sickness has its ups and downs but for the most part protein is my best friend and staves off the puking.....Claudia says I should blog more (I think she enjoys reading them). My next ultrasound is next week and of course I am excited. Will definitely post new ultrasound pics on the 13th. 

We are preparing for Addy's 3rd birthday!!!!! She's such a big girl and such a helper to mommy. I have found one of the best de-stressing routines we have is having her rub lotion on my tummy at night before bed. She says she's rubbing the babies and making mommy feel better (so cute!!) 

School starts back on Mon. and I am dreading that. Still taking all online since we have no clue what activity level I am going to be allowed during the critical weeks (17-28). 

The second trimester is the scariest for women with an incompetent cervix and pre-term labor issues. At 16 weeks I will start p17 injections to calm the uterus. 
Till the next update........