Wednesday, January 5, 2011


1 more week left of the first trimester then I can breathe a little easier. I am feeling better most days. The morning sickness has its ups and downs but for the most part protein is my best friend and staves off the puking.....Claudia says I should blog more (I think she enjoys reading them). My next ultrasound is next week and of course I am excited. Will definitely post new ultrasound pics on the 13th. 

We are preparing for Addy's 3rd birthday!!!!! She's such a big girl and such a helper to mommy. I have found one of the best de-stressing routines we have is having her rub lotion on my tummy at night before bed. She says she's rubbing the babies and making mommy feel better (so cute!!) 

School starts back on Mon. and I am dreading that. Still taking all online since we have no clue what activity level I am going to be allowed during the critical weeks (17-28). 

The second trimester is the scariest for women with an incompetent cervix and pre-term labor issues. At 16 weeks I will start p17 injections to calm the uterus. 
Till the next update........

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