Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Growing Pains.......

So here's a little insight on the difference between a singleton and multiple pregnancy.

With Gabriella and Addyson I was sore once in awhile and had those pesky round ligament pains every now and again.

Well, with twins it's so different. Every other day I go through the stretching(tearing) pains in my lower pelvis that radiate down my legs and around my back. After wondering if this was normal I asked my perinatologist. He calmly said "get used to being in pain" twins obviously take up more space and therefore your muscles have to learn to give much faster. It is exaggerated because this is my third pregnancy and my muscles are already so weak, but it's a reminder every other day that the babies are growing and all is well. 

With a TAC(transabdominal cerclage) things are a tiny bit different.Women's cervix's naturally shorten towards the end of a pregnancy to make room for growing baby. Well mine can not do that with a TAC (which is the point of it to begin with). This means I will carry them much higher and my uterus has to accommodate upwards since down is not an option. 

I am always open to talk about pregnancy complications and I am a full supporter of the TAC and the babies this special band has saved!!!! Remember it's only as effective as the doctor that places it. Experience is everything for it to be effective!!!

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