Friday, December 31, 2010

Sleeping at night

So last night was the first night that I absolutely could not get comfortable. I swear by my boppy full body pillow but I am growing at such a fast rate I am so sore. I wake up when my back starts to throb because of the weight pulling in the front. I am thinking I am gonna have to buy a belly wedge!!!! Any suggestions for sleeping better? I am so ready to hear them!!!!

Next ultrasound is Jan 13th and I am so excited to see the babies!!!! I will be scanning and posting ultrasound pics around that time..........
Happy New Year Everyone!!!!!!
We are enjoying rosky burgers(Benthin family secret) at Nana's and hoping my stomach can cope since they are really greasy........

New Years Resolution: Get my twins as close to full term as possible....Full term for my twins is 37 weeks.

See everyone in the New Year!!!

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