Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Hospital Trip 10 weeks

Well as usual at this point in all my pregnancies I have some very light spotting. Because I am Rh- and the donor is + I always have to get a RhoGAM shot in case the babies blood mixes with mine, so my body doesn't attack the babies. It's normal for me but they always have to check and make sure everything is fine. I had an ultrasound to confirm I still have 2 very happy and moving babies on board. Baby A is measuring 10w1d, heartbeat 161 and Baby B is measuring 10w3d, heartbeat 156!!!! Both look more like a baby and have tiny legs and arms that are moving up a storm. We don't know what causes the spotting but I have had it every time. But after a very long ER visit to get my shot we are much happier knowing they are both just GRAND!!!!!!!

OH.....Confirmed They are FRATERNAL!!!!! (we kinda figured that out already LOL)


  1. Sounding like things are great Aubs!! Sorry your mom, among other things makes you puke!! LOL