Saturday, March 12, 2011

20 Week ultrasound and appt!!!

Aria is weighing in at 13 oz and is 10.5 in long putting her in the 56th percentile.Alexander is weighing in at 12 oz and is 10.3 in. long putting him in the 53rd percentile. Both have a normal 3 vessel cord and 4 chamber heart. Their little bladders were nice and full so we know their kidneys are working and their tummy was full as well so they are drinking properly. Both were very active and of course they re-confirmed Aria is indeed a Girl and Alexander a Boy!!!!!!!

They have changed positions, they are now almost side to side and Aria is head down and Alexander is breech (AKA transverse positioning)

Cervix is still measuring over 4cm and shut tight the placenta previa remains and has not moved at all. No signs of funneling and despite contractions that are on and off the TAC is holding super well and no cervical changes have occurred!!!! Doctors are very happy and to ease the contractions I remain on restricted activity. I don't have lay flat in bed I just have to be off my feet and relax so my uterus can do the same......

~Not so pleasent side affects of a twin pregnancy~ GRAPHIC
Because I think all pregnant women should know what to expect with Twins I will be very open.
I have developed very bad vaginal swelling, hemorrhoids, leg cramping and numbness. This all results from them restricting my blood flow to the lower part of my body. Baths help ALOT and preparation H......There is not so much I can do but I try and keep the pressure tilted and lay on my side throughout the day.

All in all I am very happy the babies are both doing great and know that I just have to hang on a little over 16 weeks more. I want healthy babies that don't need the NICU so I will do everything to make that happen!!!!

Twins 20 Weeks

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