Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Regular OB appt.

Well I have only gained 2 pounds in the last 4 weeks ARG!!!!! I am also spilling protein in my urine which means I am dehydrated. So more food and water. They told me to eat every hour or so even when I am not hungry bahahahaha!!!!!

We did get to hear the heartbeats and both sound great, although they were trying to avoid the doppler and it was kinda funny.

It was confirmed they are pinching my sciatic nerve and a chiropractor might be helpful. I am in lots of pain so I will be making an appt. I also measure about 6-7 months pregnant and won't even be 4 months till tomorrow. I am ginormous!!!

Hoping to find out the sexes on Thurs when I have my ultrasound and praying my cervix is long and closed.

Me today 15w6d

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