Thursday, February 24, 2011

18 weeks and Doc Appt.

So I went to the docs on Wed. 2/23 and after a long conversation and a lot of contradicting himself I came home confused. The doc wanted me to call my primary OB and see what to do about the contractions I have been having and how to approach the situation. One thing very hard for non-TAC docs to understand is that you can contract and have no cervical changes (since the TAC prevents the changes).

Came home and called my primary OB and they called the high risk doc back.....I ended up with a prescription for Indocin to stop the contractions and was told to stay of my feet. I was hoping that with no funneling I would have no contractions but apparently I have 1 very irritable uterus.......

I still have placenta previa which is now becoming concerning because of the contractions and my risk of hemorrhaging. I was told if the contractions persist or get worse I am looking at a long stay in the hospital on bedrest.......Hoping this does not happen and I will advocate to stay at home since it's easier for me that way...

The biggest complication I face is how limited my activity has to become and the fact that I have a 3 year old that needs me to take care of her....I feel horrible that I can't be up and do everything for her. She is the best daughter and because she is so smart is able to do lots all by herself!!!

Hoping the next few weeks fly by and I can pass 22 weeks (time of first loss) and then move past 24, 28 and 30......35 is the big goal for me at this point and that will be on 6/22........

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  1. You can do it...and yes that Doc was VERY confusing...and he looked like Gene Wilder-that didn't help!(Young Frankenstein comes to mind-lol) Love you honey- and I will help all I can.