Thursday, January 13, 2011

12w1d Ultrasound(Highrisk) Appt.

The ultrasound today was Fabulous.

Baby A cooperated well and we got the needed measurements for the nuchal fold scan for down syndrome and Baby A tested negative for Down's and measured perfect for everything else. Heartbeat was 160 and measured 12w1d.

Baby B did not want to cooperate but after getting up and moving around we were able to get the measurements and Baby also tested negative for Down's. Heartbeat was 152 and measured 12w6d. 

Both babies were very active. A was actively kicking B's sac and We saw B reach down and gab their feet. They are so funny and you can see how one get's the other going. A is definitely the show-off and B likes looking right where the soundwaves are coming from. 

Cervix is measuring 4.2cm which is a good normal length.

Baby A's placenta is sitting on top of the internal opening of my cervix which means I need to take it easy. It should move up in the next few weeks and then I can breathe a little easier. The only problem this poses is that my placenta can start bleeding and that would be very bad. It's normal this early for it to be low so we are just keeping a close eye at this point and putting my feet up.

Weight: Well I am at -7 pounds gained and was informed today that for the babies to have the best chance at being full term I need to put on at 10-20 pounds in the next 8 weeks. Twins have a much healthier beginning if the mom can put on weight earlier in the pregnancy since the pregnancy is shorter. 

Next appt. Feb 10th. I start progesterone shots to keep contractions from starting and we will get to see the SEXES!!!!!!! We are so, so excited to see!!!! I will be finally posting the ultrasound pics later today!!!!

Baby B Side Body Profile

Baby A Side Body Profile
Baby B heartbeat

Baby A heartbeat

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