Monday, January 24, 2011

Trip to the docs 13w5d

So after a night of excruciating pain and a morning of more pain and then increased pelvic pressure I called the docs and they fit me in.

All is well in the cervix department. I am measuring almost 5cm closed with no funneling. Both babies look good and have great heartbeats.

I on the other hand am a little worse for wear. The pain is ligament pain and lingual pain that wraps around my pelvis and shoots down my thighs, through my hip joints and up the sides of my abdomen. Let me tell you how fun that is!!!! They told me take some tylenol and take it easy........Everything is being stretched at a rapid pace and my body is trying to accommodate(translation: suck it up and deal with it). This momma wants to cry and fast-forward to the due date.

I am happy all is well and that both babies look fabulous!!!! Time to put my feet up and relax and pray it gets better.

I know I look rough

13w5d Bare Belly!!!

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  1. Sorry about the pain Aubs!! But you will do well I'm sure! You're used to this kind of stuff, so just take it easy and keep on truckin, or is that buckin as in Buck Up?!! LOL Hugs and kisses!