Tuesday, December 28, 2010

How they were conceived......

After much thought I decided to try for one more child. I had a Abdominal cerclage placed in August by Dr. Arthur Haney in Chicago. He is one of the best and has a 100% success rate. I wanted to avoid bedrest since I have my happy, energetic Addyson to take care of. After our first IUI failed I was very discouraged. I tried one more time with the very last vial we had. I only had 2 follicles(eggs) which isn't ideal since it takes usually 3-4 for 1 to be successful. I took my first pregnancy test 5 days early on Nov. 13th and it was positive!!!! We were shocked....I had it confirmed by bloodwork on Nov. 16th....My first ultrasound was done to early on the 23rd and they could barely see a sac. Went back a week later on the 30th and there were 2 sacs, 2 babies and 2 hearbeats TWINS!!!!!!!! I was later told I had a 4% chance of twins!!!!

To answer the #1 and #2 question I get asked.... No I did not do IVF and They are Fraternal

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