Thursday, May 26, 2011

29w5d High Risk Appt.

May 16th

After another trip to ob triage Sat. night for bleeding again and contractions I still manage to make it to my appts.

I was fed up by the time I got to the docs because I have been bleeding, contracting and ITCHING constantly and nobody will give me any answers or provide relief for any of the above problems. I am glad the babies are doing well but this momma is not. I broke down at my regular OB appt and just said that I have had enough and they have to figure out what the problem is. She left and went to call my Perinates and told me just head straight to see them because I have just to many high risk issues that she is not comfortable handling.

Second stop Perinates....Well the doc has realized enough is enough. I rotate through docs at the Perinates so the one I saw I hadn't seen in a couple months. The bleeding issue is from a much irritated cervix from all the contractions. The contractions are simply do to my uterine size and the fact the Baby A(Aria) switched from head down to breech. With the weight of both babies not distributed very well it has really kicked up the contractions. The ITCHING which was first thought to be cholestasis but my bile acids were not high enough, then they thought 17p shots; turned out to be cholestasis all along!!!! They re-ran my labs for the 3rd time and my bile acids went from 10 to 23 and my liver enzymes had triples in 1.5 weeks. Normal enzymes up to 120 and mine are in the 600's. They put me on Actigall 300mg 3x/day to help lower my bile acids and reduce the itching. It was decided I need the betamethisone steriod shots to help mature the babies lungs in case I do deliver early. To top things off they realized I was extremely anemic and put me on 325mg Iron 3x/day (BARF)!!!!! I will be doing repeat blood work to see if my iron is improving enough on its own or if I need IV Iron infusions......

Babies look amazing and are handling everything very well. Fluid levels look good and so far everything with them is perfect, just the was we like it!!!!

29 weeks!!!!

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  1. All I can think to say when I see that picture is BOIIINGGGG!Love you honey...your a faithful mother...just like sit and you sit!