Friday, October 21, 2011

My Twins Birth Story!!!

Babies Arrival!!!!

Went to the hospital June 8th for some really persistant contractions that just didn't seem right. Upon arrival I was put on the monitor and it showed contractions and the docs checked my cervix(of course found no changes since it can't change) and offered me a shot of terbutaline. Terb worked for about an hour and doc said it was just to early for the babies to arrive and they were going to send me home.  Had asked my mom to come up to the hospital to get Addy and Sam so they could eat. Got up to go potty since I was waiting on discharge and it was a shift change just to discover I had started bleeding. Claudia went to get a nurse and they put me back on the monitor and sure enough the contractions had returned with vengeance. The doc was busy so they called in a relief doc and he just said that I would be admitted and that I would not be able to go home. Well the contractions got worse and upon my mother's arrival Dr. Garcia walked in and told me I would be having the babies and to get ready for their arrival. The NICU doc came in and prepared me for what was possibly to come. They told me there would be a chance they would need to be intubated and to prepare for them to be at the hospital till their due date. I was in shock and everything seemed to be zooming by. I thought it would take a few hours and they was at about 9:30 p.m. they were pushing IV fluids and I was signing things and just going with the flow. It was to my amazement that they turned and said o.k. you ready? I thought WHAT!!!!!! Yeah I suppose. My lasts moments before they arrived. There was major fires and the whole hospital smelled of smoke. Especially the hallway leading to the OR and the OR itself was interesting. There were people everywhere and a NICU team assembling for each baby. I was in active labor by then and was in tremendous pain and wanting the pain just to go away cause I just didn't think my body could handle it. 

Monitors off getting ready for OR

Last pic of me pregnant!!! 33 weeks babies were born within 30 min!!

I was rolled into the OR the anesthesiologist  was there waiting for me. She sat me up on the ice cold table and had me bend for my spinal. The spinal wasn't all that bad and took affect immediately. They had to help me lay down. Soon I was draped and they were bringing Claudia in and getting ready to start cutting. They took a needle and ran it up my side to make sure I was numb and then it was go time.(It had only been 30 min since they told babies were coming). Within the next few minutes they were tugging and pulling and it felt like when a toddler tugs down on your shirt, only they were doing that to my skin!!!! At 10:09 p.m. Aria arrived screaming and healthy, weighing 4 lbs 9oz and 18 in long. Alex was soon to follow at 10:10 p.m. screaming and healthy weighing 4lbs 4oz and 18.5 in long. Both were handed off to the NICU staff which whisked them by my face and took off through the doors to NICU. I was quickly sucked out and sewn up and moved to recovery. They immediately had me start pumping (laying down) that was fun!!!. I was itching horrifically from the morphine and the cholestasis. About 30 min later I was taken to the NICU to see my babies....They were absolutely beautiful and tiny!!! They were on CPAP at that point but I would learn they fastly required intubation. 
Aria first time we saw her after birth

Alex first time we saw him after birth

(Check back for the NICU adventures)

Trying to get caught up as they are now happy healthy 4.5 month olds!!! 10/21/11 


  1. Glad to see this reading the story...keep going! :)

  2. WoW! I was reading your story about your 3 yr old when I was in the hospital on bedrest myself due going into labor early at 20 wks. I did not have this problem when I was pregnant with my 2 yr old. But my daughter is doing well (born May 20th) in the NICU and will be coming home very soon!

    Best wishes to you and your twins!