Thursday, February 10, 2011

Sexes Revealed 16w1d Ultrasound

First off...Baby A is a girl (Aria) and Baby B is a boy Alexander!!! Yay we are so excited and Claudia is overjoyed to be getting a boy!!!!!

Aria weighs 6 oz and is in the 79% (An average 16 week baby is 3.5 oz.) She is on the bottom and is a little squished so we didn't get many good pics. We were able to see she has a normal 3 vessel cord and 4 chamber heart. We even saw her tiny kidneys. The tail-end of Aria's placenta is still over my internal cervix opening, so I am anxious for that to MOVE!!!!!

Alexander weighs 5 oz and is in the 73%. He is on top and taking up all the room in the entire top part of my uterus. He loves to stretch completely out, he also loves kicking his sister in the head (Not nice!!!). He would not turn in the right way so we didn't get to see much. We will take a look at his heart at 20 weeks and try and see the umbilical cord. He is great at hiding important things.

The cervix: Well I couldn't be happier to announce that it measures 3.62cm and shut tight. It is shortening but that's expected, from stitch down it's sealed and that's what we want. My uterus is a little irritable but I started the 17P(progesterone) shots today and that should help. I have very active babies so they trigger it sometimes.

I am 16w1d and my uterus is measuring 24 WEEKS!!!!!! Which means I have healthy babies and I am going to be GINORMOUS!!!! Doc is happy with everything and we hope everything stays good. I am due back in 2 weeks and will update more then :-)!!!!!!



Alexander (top) Aria(bottom)

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