Monday, January 31, 2011


So we are fast approaching the appt to find out the sexes!!!!!! We are so excited so we can get all the items planned and save, save, save and then buy, buy, buy!!!! We found the fabulous carseats we love and the stroller they snap into.... Can't wait to make that purchase!!!

The last week has been a bit rough. My sciatic nerve is aggravated so it hurts to move my right leg. After a 2 hour adventure at Wal-Mart I found out that my body just can't handle being up that long. So I came home put my feet up and haven't done much since. There is much more pain than I realized when it comes to growing 2 babies. I have also been suffering with some moderate depression. There are no drugs that are really safe to take while pregnant, so I will just have to manage it.


Gotta love maternity pants!!!
Every once in awhile I feel one of the babies move, it's super early so it's not very often and I have to be laying real still. I am hoping that as they get bigger the excitement will too and we can really start preparing for them to be here.

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